Our club has several members that have aquired this nifty little hand held radio. The suggestion was made to try and centralize many of the links and files that we have located and make them available to all members here. Because of their Wide Frequency Coverage these radios are perfect for amateur radio, public service, emergency work, GMRS, MURS, security, commercial use and more! Some members purchased their radios and accessories from MTC but you can do a Google, EBay or other search and find many others. There is a Yahoo group devoted to the Wouxun radios. I would recommend all Wouxun radio users subscribe to this group. The links that follow here are mostly to files on our site. Here is a link to the Wouxun files directory that has all (at this point) of the data in it.
Additonal programing files or links are needed. Please email them to webmaster at w0mg dot net.

An easier-to-use manual radio programming/operations for visually impaired (PDF)
KG-UVD1P programming manual using their software (updated 12/2010) (PDF)
KG-UVD1P Owner's manual (factory) (PDF)
KG-UVD1P Service manual (factory) (PDF)
KG-UVD1P Quick Users Guide (PDF)
KG-UVD1P Programming Software v2.0 Newest version (no installation needed)
Listing of Tom's current data file below (11/2010) (PDF)
Tom's current program data file for KG-UVD1P
     (11/2010 added 147.555 for Bremer ARES simplex) Save & read with the programming s/w
AMSAT Satellite program data file for KG-UVD1P
     Includes doppler offesets. Save & read with the programming s/w
Wouxun 2011 catalog (PDF)
Link to USB cable drivers page Drivers for XP, Vista, & Win7 along with Stuffit expander for rar files


• Frequency range can be adjusted from 144-148 Mhz and 420-450 Mhz TX and RX. Modifiable 136-174&400-480 MHz (RX/TX) with software. FM: 76-108 MHz RX only
• Work Mode U-VU-VV-VU-U can be set freely
• SOS Function
• 1750Hz tone
• DTMF Encoding Function
• CTCSS/DCS Scan(Digital/Analog)
• Bright Flashlight Illumination
• Band Can Be Set Freely on The Same Channel VHF TX-UHF RX or UHF TX-VHF RX
• English Voice Guide
• Digital FM Radio
• Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection(25khz/12.5khz)
• Priority Scan, Add Scanning Channel
• High/Low Power Selection
• Channel Name Edit and Display
• 50 Groups CTSS/105 Groups DCS
• Multi Step Frequency:5K/6.25K/10K/25K/50K/100K
• Multi Scan
• VOX Transmission
• Transmit Overtime Voice Prompt
• Begin/End Transmitting BEEP Prompt
• Auto/Manual Keypad Lock
• Wire Clone, Programmable by Computer
• Stopwatch Function
• Low Voltage VOICE prompt
• Busy Channel Lockout
• CE & FCC approved. (FCC ID:WVTWOUXUN04)

KG-UVD1P Technical Specifications:

Frequency Range

Frequency range can be suitable for different countries or areas
144-148 Mhz and 420-450 Mhz TX and RX modifiable by software
136-174&400-480 MHz (RX/TX) after unlock
FM: 76-108 MHz(RX)

Memory Channels

128 channels

Frequency Stability


Operating Voltage


Operating Temperature

-30°C to +60°C

Antenna Impedance






Transmitter Frequency Stability


RF Carrier Power


Effective Radiation Power (ERP)

within pre-determined value ±7.5dB

Max. Frequency Deviation

Channel Space: 25KHz ±5KHz

Channel Space: 12.5KHz ±2.5KHz

Audio Modulation

+3dB (pre-emphasis by 6dB between 0.3-3KHz)

Adjacent Channel Power

Channel Space: 25KHz ≥70 dB

Channel Space: 12.5KHz ≥60 dB

Spurious Radiation


Inter modulation Attenuation


Modulation Distortion


Residual FM


Residual AM


Receiver Sensitivity (12dB SINAD)


Squelch Rejection Sensitivity


Squelch Sensitivity


Audio Output power


Audio Distortion


Audio Response

(300-3000Hz) +1 to -3dB

Co-channel Rejection


Performance of Amplitude Limiter


Adjacent Channel Selection

Channel Space: 25KHz ≥70 dB

Channel Space: 12.5KHz ≥60 dB


≥65 dB


≥84 dB

Spurious Radiation